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Sound Proofing London

Can you hear noise such as talking, music, television, shouting or footstep noise from your noisy neighbours? Or perhaps road noise is causing you undue stress? Due to such high density living in our cities, noise is increasingly becoming an issue, but rest assured, there is an easy solution for soundproofing properties in London. Regardless of the type of noise, PhoneStar acoustic insulation board provides a very effective solution for bringing calmness and privacy back into your life. PhoneStar significantly reduces both airborne sound and impact sound through walls, floors and ceilings. Because PhoneStar is only 15mm thick it reduces precious room space by a very small amount which is particularly important when soundproofing London properties. Because PhoneStar exceeds Building Regulations for the Resistance to the Passage of Sound, it is ideal to use on new, change of use, refurbishment and remedial projects. For added health and well-being value, PhoneStar is a natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and toxic-free acoustic insulation material.

Acara Concepts distributes PhoneStar sound insulation board throughout London and all over the UK. The PhoneStar system is easy to install making it possible to fit as a DIY project or we can recommend fully insured sound proofing installers in London to fit the system for you in your home or workplace. Please contact us for details of local stockists and installers as well as for general advice.

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A cross-cut section of the PhoneStar sound proofing board
Weight: 19 kg/m²    Density: 1300 kg/m³




The PhoneStar Acoustic Insulation Board

PhoneStar is a dense and heavy product but very significantly it has a soft filling comprising of loose quartz sand. This sand is tightly held in the engineered, fluted cardboard carcass. These are the critical characteristics required for noise reduction because the soundproofing product must be dense with a high mass but must also have a soft filling to significantly reduce vibrations.

PhoneStar Data Sheet PDF

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The Effectiveness of the PhoneStar Sound Insulation Board

Airborne Sound through Walls, Floors and Ceilings

The 15mm thick PhoneStar acoustic insulation board on its own has been certified to reduce Airborne Sound (e.g. talking, music, traffic noise) by a very significant 36 Decibels (dB) (Rw, Ctr = - 4). The airborne sound insulation result of the complete wall, floor or ceiling structure will be much higher after the PhoneStar system has been added and the higher the overall Airborne Sound Insulation results (Rw or DnT,w) the better.

Impact Sound through Floors

The 15mm PhoneStar soundproofing board reduces Impact Sound (e.g. footstep and dragging furniture noise) by a very high 21dB (ΔLw) when laid on the standard concrete testing floor. The overall impact sound insulation result of the complete floor and ceiling structure can also be tested. When comparing Impact Sound Insulation results (Ln,w or LnT,w) of the complete floor structure, the lower the overall result the better.

How to Soundproof Walls and Soundproof Ceilings in London

15mm thick PhoneStar can be applied directly to walls and ceilings but a much improved result is achieved when the PhoneStar acoustic insulation boards are decoupled or separated from the wall or ceiling by using 16mm deep resilient bars and / or timber stud battens. The PhoneStar board is finished off with acoustic plasterboard and the wall or ceiling is ready for decorating. The most popular solution takes 46mm off the room. We would expect the PhoneStar system to reduce both airborne noise and impact noise by anywhere between 50% and 85% depending on the option chosen. We will offer advice to help you choose.

How to Soundproof Floors in London

15mm thick PhoneStar is simply installed floating on a timber boarded or concrete floor and can be covered as normal with any floor covering. If access to the ceiling below is available, it is recommended to treat this ceiling too by simply screwing resilient bars and an extra layer of acoustic plasterboard to the new or existing ceiling. Depending on the method chosen both airborne and impact sound will be reduced by anywhere between 50% and 85%. We will advise on the best system for your situation.

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